Wednesday, September 25, 2013

stuart's bakery, sweet torture

It was torturous. It was painful. It was tempting.

But I got through it.

My visit to the Granville Island Public Market started with an array of cheerful berries. Rock oysters piled majestically on top of crushed ice. Fresh pasta of different kinds made me dream of a bowl of hearty bolognese. Hunks of bread calling me to tear a chunk to dip into a bowl of pumpkin soup. Alas, I was travelling, I didn't have access to a kitchen. I had to contend myself with looking....

What we were able to do though was to nibble our way through the market.

I must've had fruit tarts on my mind, because the first shop we stopped by to buy from was Stuart's Bakery with its vast array of tarts: raspberry tart, fresh fruit tart, fraser valley blueberry tart, etc etc. Not to mention the cheesecakes and the various cute mini desserts. It was indeed a difficult choice to make, but ultimately the one that piqued my interest was the cranberry pecan tart. It may not look as colourful and eye-popping as the others, but in its box it almost looked like an understated piece of jewellery.

Raspberry tart - $4.99
Fruit tart - $4.59
Blueberry tart - $4.99
Italian tiramisu - $4.79
Apple caramel cheesecake - $4.29
Caramel chocolate profiteroles - $4.29
Cranberry pecan tart - $4.29
I've done well. The pastry is crumbly. The filling is sweet. Foiled by the pecans, which also gives it some crunch.

Stuart's Bakery on Urbanspoon 
Stuart's Bakery
Granville Island
1689 Johnston St, Ste 420
Open 7 days 9am-7pm
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