Saturday, December 7, 2013

a voyage into outer space

“The Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre is awesome!!!!” is what I would’ve said if I was 7. But as somewhat of an adult, I’d say, “The Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre is AWESOME!!!!”

Taking photos here brought only cheer and joy to my heart. If light is a photographer’s best friend, then this aquarium and I are old chums. Each tank was lit just so, invoking the right mood in each particular scene.

The aquarium has all sorts of Salish sea creatures in their tanks: fishes, octopi, eels, crabs, sea urchins. The list goes on.

Though my absolute personal favourite would have to be the jellyfishes. They possess a certain eerie quality that makes me feel like I’m in outer space surrounded by bobbing tentacled transparent luminescent aliens, if I were to avert my gaze for a split second I’d end up strangled and eaten alive.

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