Friday, December 13, 2013

louisiana's finest

My first encounter with Popeye’s was at the Hong Kong International Airport of all places. I circled the shop a few times, but I never did end up entering, there were too many other good options. Ever since then, I’ve been slightly obsessed with trying to get my hands on their supposedly delicious fried chickens. I mean if it’s good enough for Queen Bey, who am I to dispute?

The opportunity came during a much needed down time from a road trip across Canada. I didn’t feel like cooking. The name Popeye’s was mentioned. And there it was -- a box of Louisiana's finest fried chickens on our dinner table.

The husband ate them the southern way, with the Popeye’s biscuits. But I opted for the asian route, with a plate of warm steamed rice, and wash it down with a bottle of ramune I bought a few days prior. Little else can be more satisfying than washing down some fried chicken with gulps of fizzy drinks.

The husband, who has eaten Popeye’s before, insisted that Popeye’s are different to KFC. But I can’t tell any discernable difference until the morning after when I reheated some of “them” fried chickens in the microwave. Normally when I reheat KFC chickens, they would leak oil like nobody’s business. But these Popeye’s ones don’t do that. Am I just lucky that day to get less greasy chickens or is it due to Popeye’s superior cooking techniques, I will never know. Or maybe that’s why they’re Queen Bey’s favourite?

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