Sunday, December 15, 2013

sweet and glazed

Many American food chains have tried to crack the Australian market, and many have failed. Considering how alike our tastes are in junk food, it’s quite surprising. Case in point, Krispy Kreme was in the brink of exiting Australia in 2010 due to bankruptcy much to the horror of doughnut fanatics all over Australia.

My theory on this is because Australians generally like Krispy Kreme as a treat. It is not yet part of the daily vernacular as much as McDonald’s or KFC or Starbucks are. Our cops don’t buy doughnuts to bring to the station (stereotype much?). We’d probably buy Krispy Kreme’s sugar glazed doughnuts as a treat for birthdays or as a drawcard at your local neighbourhood morning tea fundraiser. And believe it or not, they are coveted souvenirs to give to someone living in Western Australia -- there is no Krispy Kreme shop on that side of the country.

For someone who lives in Krispy Kreme-less city, it is indeed a novelty for me to experience the infamous doughnuts’ lifecycle from beginning to end. To see it being freshly baked and glazed in store, travelling gingerly on top of the rolling conveyor, waiting to be packed into boxes by the Krispy Kreme ladies, and handed over the counter into my own two hands, to be eaten while they’re still warm and the white sugar glaze is only just set.

It’s a novelty to have the option to procure these lighter than air doughnuts without leaving the confines of your comfortable car by way of a drive-through. But, I wouldn't want to miss the fun witnessing the birth of these addictive sugary treats.

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Krispy Kreme
5920 Mavis Rd
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Open Sunday-Wednesday 6.30am-10pm, Thursday-Saturday 6.30am-11pm
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