Saturday, June 21, 2014

konro bakar in makassar, south sulawesi

Nasi + Konro bakar
When I told an Indonesian colleague at work that I was going to Makassar, he had one request: don't forget the konro!

Konro is another classic Bugis dish one simply cannot miss having when visiting the province. It's a dish that's not too dissimilar to rawon. The accompanying broth is black in colour, stained by the keluwak fruit. The main protein is beef, in konro's case, it's the humongous Flintstone-like beef ribs. And if they're served cold, fatty grease that pools at the top will harden and give an unpleasant oily mouthfeel.

Let me clarify my last statement. Before I left for Makassar, I did an extensive research (googling) as to which places are best known for its konro. The result was a place called Konro Karebosi. We came at 6.30pm and the place was probably half-filled, it wasn't that busy. We ordered rice with one serving of sop konro and one serving of konro bakar.

Sop konro is a dish of beef ribs in broth, whereas konro bakar is chargrilled beef ribs in sauce with the soup served separately in a bowl. Everything, except the sop konro, came to the table cold. Even the sop konro wasn't exactly piping hot, it wasn't even hot, it was more like lukewarm. We did our best, but there was simply too much fat sticking to the inside of our mouths, we left half of the food untouched. We were so very disappointed, especially since it's supposed to be the best place to have konro, the very least we would expect is to have the dishes hot when they arrive, no?

Maybe we came on an OFF night, alas it was our last night in Makassar, we didn't have a chance to re-visit or sample konro elsewhere. We should've asked a recommendation from our uncle!

Konro Karebosi
Jalan Gunung Lompobattang 41
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