Tuesday, March 31, 2009

samovar croissant with ham and cheese

During our Western Australia let’s-go-walkabout tour, my boyfriend and I were also having a fish & chips hunt. We set off to Margaret River in the morning of Sunday, 15th March, at 6am. The first town we wanted to have a stopover for was Busselton.

I made a conscious decision to stop there because it was the right time to have brunch and there was a fish & chips shop by the beach. I find that a fish & chips shop near the beach usually serves good food, it was a good omen. The name of the shop was Cod Rocks on Queen. I parked the car and we walked towards the beach. It was only 11am and the shop hadn’t opened yet. It was quite a disappointment not to have it added to our ever-expanding repertoire.

We walked back towards the town because we saw this restaurant, but it was more like a bistro. It was bustling with diners, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. I found the place to be modern, spacious and quite savvy. I think what won me over were the little touches, the cutlery was made of heavy stainless steel, rather than the cheap feeling you get from thin metal bits made in China that can barely be called a fork and knife. The orders were taken promptly. Water was served straight after, without us asking for it. Our food also came not long afterwards. And with a name like Samovar, you just can’t go wrong.

Croissant with ham and cheese,
plus Burger with bacon, egg and tomato - $20.80

I ordered the croissant with ham and cheese, while my partner in crime ordered the burger with bacon, egg and tomato. I found my croissant to be a satisfying meal on its own. The croissant had a hint of sweetness, complemented by the gooey melted cheese on a salty ham. I tried the burger and finding myself liking that too. They were certainly not shy with their portions. I did find the bacon a bit overdone, but some people like it well fried, and the barbecue sauce was a tiny bit too much for me. Although, I am not sure if my scathing review on the burger is more because I was in the mood for breakfast food, than I was for lunch, or is it because I was almost full at that point.

Before yet another drive, the day was a beautiful bright blue, we opted for a walk along the beach. Kindergarten kids were playing and making all sorts of racket. We sat on the beach, next to the Busselton Jetty, the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere. For a small fee, you can walk along the jetty. I had done that before on my last visit, so I elected for the chilled-out option.

Samovar on Urbanspoon
60-66 Queen St
Busselton WA
Open Sunday-Tuesday 7am-3.30pm, Wednesday-Saturday 7am-9pm

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