Wednesday, April 1, 2009

sail café brekkie, margaret river bakery bread & berry farm boysenberry pie

Breakfast (brekkie) is the time of day I find hardest to get motivated for. I am not a morning person. My work colleagues can attest to that. So, if I have to go out for brekkie, I usually go to the first place I set my eyes on.

When I was in Margaret River, we went to the Sail Café for a bacon and egg wrap, and croissant with ham and cheese. It was pretty average to say the least. The only redeeming point about this all-day breakfast café was the fact that they gave us a complimentary cup of coffee with our meal. We were in the mood for some latte.

We had the Margaret River Bakery's "Big Bakery Brekkie", which was filling but was also quite average. While you are there, I would suggest you buy a loaf of the organic bread with sun dried tomato & herb ($5.35). I had this bread when I went canoeing with the BushTucker Tour, along with the Aussie bush food they dished out. I loved it and asked where to get them. The bread was great with slices of kangaroo and a spread of chutney.

In the bakery, I also had jam and scones, which were delish! The strawberry jam was made locally from the Berry Farm. The scones made in the bakery. The cream had the right creaminess and fluffiness, none of that skim, no-fat nonsense. A pot of warm tea was served to wash everything down. The same jam and scones can also be had from the Berry Farm's Cottage Café. Jam and scones are typically eaten during the afternoon, but I had it in the morning for brekkie and they were just as great.

Afternoons, on the other hand, are moments of dilemma. I am not yet hungry for dinner, but hungry enough for my mind to wander to anything food related. One afternoon in particular, we went to the Cottage Café for a plate of boysenberry pie. It was not the best fruit pie I had, there were bits in the boysenberry filling that I didn't like, but I couldn't figure out what it was. The café, however, compensated for the lacklustre pie. The place was idyllic. Birds chirping in the distance. Bushes of wild flowers everywhere. There were benches, as well as indoor tables for customers to sit on. We chose to sit on a bench under a berry tree, but there was a sudden burst of rain that we had to take refuge on one of the sheltered tables. After the rain, little birds came to our table to say hello and sang.

Margaret River Sail Cafe‎ on Urbanspoon
Sail Café
Shop 2, 117 Bussell Hwy
Margaret River WA
Open 7 days 8am-5pm

Margaret River Bakery on Urbanspoon
Margaret River Bakery
89 Bussell Hwy
Margaret River WA
Open 8am to late afternoon (as far as I know)

Cottage Café on Urbanspoon
Cottage Café
The Berry Farm
43 Bessell Rd
Rosa Glen WA
Open 7 days 10am-4pm

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