Thursday, April 2, 2009

clairault aromatic pressed pork

It's a bit chilly tonight, like last night. This weather is calling me to have a sip of my Harmans Ridge Estate Megan Salmon Sparkling wine. It's not my most favourite, as it is a bit dry. I am a bit of a sweet tooth.

One of the things I promised myself do when I went to Margaret River, was to eat in a winery restaurant. I did just that with Clairault. The restaurant was set on a heavy wooden deck surrounded by majestic Marri trees. Inside there was a fireplace, which undoubtedly will be lit during winter. When we were there, the sun gave us plenty of warmth. I found the place quite formal, but interestingly rustic at the same time.

Aromatic pressed pork, slow roasted apple, spices, fennel + carrot salad, sheep yoghurt - $38.00
Margaret river venison fillet, salt roasted kipfler, silky hommus, muhummara, quince vincotto, soft herbs - $39.00

I enjoyed the pressed pork, and the venison fillet was also good. They were typical of high-end restaurant food, small portions, beautifully laid out, yet not filling. I think for it to be filling I would have to supplement it with lots of wine and dessert. My suggestion is have the wine-tasting first, then you would know what to order to complement your food. Or if you are stingy like me, drink as much as you can in the wine-tasting, have lunch, go to another winery and repeat the process. After I had enough of the luscious wines, we went to the nearest beach to watch the sun go down.

But, I am not doing the food justice. Let me explain. I found the pork to be quite yummy. The salad did have a strong flavour, the chef deliberately did that and served sheep yoghurt on the side to counteract it. I didn't get to taste much of the venison because I can't stand raw meat. But the bit that I did taste, was coated with the sauce, and tasted quite good.

Clairault Estate on Urbanspoon
Clairault Estate
3277 Caves Road
Wilyabrup WA

Open 7 days 12pm-3.30pm

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