Friday, April 3, 2009

duckstein eisbein

Having had a meal in a winery, I thought it would be unfair not to do the brewery justice. We went to Duckstein Brewery, which shared their estate with a winery called Saracen Estate. The place was bustling with people and was a very classy and modern sort of place. The waitperson all friendly and professional. The restrooms were one of the only few high-tech restrooms I'd ever seen. However, it was to me lacking a certain personal touch and much too commercialised.

I ordered the Eisbein, a large pork shank served with mashed potato and sauerkraut. My accomplice had the Kassler smoked pork cutlets with German potato salad and rye bread. The portion of the Eisbein was massive. I was too full by the end of the meal, and not in a satisfied, rub-your-belly, good kind of full. It was more like, I'm-such-a-greedy-pig, I-can't-believe-I-ate-all-that kind of full. It was quite ugly.

Eisbein : A large pork shank served with mashed potato and sauerkraut - $29.50
Kassler smoked pork cutlets with your choice of German potato salad and rye bread, or mashed potato and sauerkraut - $27.90

I really enjoyed my first few bites of the Eisbein. But after bite number 20, I found the pork too salty, and I thought maybe it was meant to be salty to go with their beer. I didn't order one of the massive glasses of beer, because I don't particularly much care for the taste of beer. And I found out that day that I hate sauerkraut. Who knew that German food doesn't agree with me. The Kassler, I think, was better, although they were also quite salty.

Eventhough I stuffed myself silly, I still couldn't help myself and pop in next door to try out the wines. Their selection of wines were of the dry variety, not like the sweet ones I liked. I didn't buy any.

Duckstein Brewery on Urbanspoon
Duckstein Brewery
3517 Caves Rd
Wilyabrup WA
Open weekdays 11am-5pm, weekends 11am-6pm
(Lunch is served until 3pm, after which a snack menu is available until closing)


  1. We had big expectations from the Duckstein Brewery in Margaret River. Not only because the grounds and buildings looked impressive and the owner had obviously put a lot of money into development, but because of the Saracen connection.
    Unfortunately we we're left feeling bitterly disappointed - it's a real shame. I should also point out that I have written to the owners of the estate prior to posting this review, but we didn't even receive a response so I feel it's only fair to now post it here.
    Arriving for lunch at 11:55 we we're told that we could only be accommodated outside (it was raining and ALL of the tables inside and outside under cover had reserved stickers - even though the place was empty). Approaching the bar to order our meal (it's now 11:58) we we're promptly refused service for 2 mins because "the chef doesnt like it when we put in orders before noon".
    We then wandered over to the bar area and had to wait 3 minutes (we timed it) to be served, while the two bar staff talked to each other. All the time we watched as other patrons lined up behind the food ordering section, also to be told they could not yet order. Funny thing is that the food ordering bar WAS staffed - by a smiling girl who kept turning people away, and the only bar that was open, was staffed by two people who preferred to talk and ignore the growing line.
    After placing an order at 12:02 for two beers, and paying over $20 for them, the line at the food section was now very long so we thought we'd find a seat and enjoy our beer while we waited for the line to end.
    we managed to find a slightly wet table outside (it was still raining) under a small umbrella, and at this point we decided that the experience was just not fun at all. We took a few sips, left the beers to fill with rain, and promptly left.
    I would never return to the Duckstein - it was a miserable customer service catastrophe.

  2. wow! sounds like a real nightmare. our experience wasn't that bad, but still the food wasn't great. not adequate enough for me to come back, anyway.

  3. nice idea...thanks for sharing....


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