Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ume seafood ramen

My last day in Melbourne, still couldn't find good Japanese food, what a predicament! Last ditch effort was this place, and it was abysmal.

This was one of those Chinese-operated Japanese restaurant, it was not authentic by far. Ajisen Ramen would seem like the most authentic place compared to this place. The place was well lit, but not very well kept. The seat cushions used to be white, but were now smudged all over. The wall graced the mandatory geisha paintings, to give it the illusion that it was a Japanese restaurant.

When I was there, at about 5pm, the customers were all non-Japanese, which confirmed my initial suspicion. The waitress/cashier managed to knock my drink over as she came to serve my food, but promptly cleaned it up and served me a new one.

Seafood ramen - $9.50

The place served sushi rolls and several kinds of ramen dishes. I had the seafood ramen. The broth lacked substance and this was covered up by putting in way too much salt. The seafood was not unfresh. The noodle was probably the moderately good thing about it. Give it a pass.

Ume Sushi House on Urbanspoon
Ume Sushi House
385 Little Bourke St
Melbourne VIC
Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 11am-5pm

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