Tuesday, March 9, 2010

picard surgelés frozen food

While you may think that being in France we would eat fabulous 5 michelin star cuisine every single day, the fact of the matter is, we were travelling on a budget. We kept costs down by not going to every museums (not our thing anyway), we did not stay in a 5-star hotel, we did not eat crazy expensive French food every day. We chose to go to only a couple of museums, we stayed in a charming little pied-à-terre in Montmartre and we ate in local restaurants. But when we got lazy eating out, we bought some Picard Surgelés frozen food, there's actually a store just steps away from our apartment (to me, it sort of look like a dental surgery from the outside, maybe it's the blue and white colour scheme).

Picard Surgelés is France's own leading frozen foods specialist. We usually associate buying frozen food with one of the freezer aisles of our nearest supermarket, usually not very interesting and we won't be thinking of quality. But when I went to one of the many many proprietary shops filled with nothing but Picard Surgelés frozen goods, I got quite a different vibe. First, the shop was so clean, almost surgical. But, the frozen food all looked so fresh, the fish, the mussels, the peas, the tiny carrots. It's funny to say that about frozen food, but it did look fresh.

We bought a few of their ready-to-heat meals. My favourite was the thai au poulet et aux vermicelles (english: thai chicken soup with vermicellis), eating it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling. A proper poor-man's breakfast won't be complete without spam (bought at a korean store) and eggs, accompanied with a bowl of kimchi (also bought at said korean store). Another one I liked was the spaghetti bolognaise, it did the job chasing my midnight hunger pangs.

Picard Surgelés
1 Rue Cauchois
arrondissement, Île-de-France

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