Saturday, June 26, 2010

helen's fish & chips

When I found Helen's Fish & Chips, I had been in Canada for 3 months. And in that time, I had not found any fish & chips shop that's worth going back to. So when we did find Helen's, it was like finding a long lost brother.

We got the seafood platter, which had a few pieces of halibut, prawns, scallops, chips, salad, lemon and tartar sauce. All the seafood was moist and fresh (not fishy at all!). The batter was light, not gluggy, nicely crispy and had no burning oil taste. The chips had the skin on, ie. they were the wedges kind. I'm not a fan of wedges, but I didn't mind this one. It satisfied almost everything I want in fish & chips. Helen's is definitely a fish & chips shop I will be going back to.

Seafood platter - $13.25

The shop's located in the river mouth of Lake Ontario. The view of the water from the shop was a killer. The shop itself was clean, if not somewhat disheveled. It was a family-run restaurant after all. They had their menu written with chalk on blackboards. It's all part of the charm.

Helen's Fish and Chips on Urbanspoon
Helen's Fish & Chips
111 Lakeshore Road West
Mississauga, ON

Open Sunday-Thursday 7.30am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 7.30am-9pm (Spring & Summer hours)

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