Thursday, June 24, 2010

mosley street grill burger

One windy sunny day in spring, we went to Wasaga Beach, about 133 km North of Toronto. I was sorely disappointed of course, being used to the white sandy beaches of Australia. I have said to my Torontonian friends, and I would say it again, Wasaga Beach is not a beach. It's more like a mud shore surrounding a huge lake. I guess I shouldn't be too hard on them since they are land locked and nowhere near a real beach.

After a full one hour of dipping our toes in the freezing water, we decided to grab a quick and greasy fast food. But, I saw the Mosley Street Grill out of the corner of my eye and decided to try that instead.

The place was a typical family-run restaurant with tacky decorations. The waitperson seemed to have worked there since the place opened. She seemed to know quite a few of the patrons. We like the fact that she was courteous and efficient.

In keeping with our tradition, when there is fish & chips in the menu, we have to order it. So, my husband got the day's special halibut & chips with homemade coleslaw. The halibut was fluffy and moist. The batter was also light and had no burning oil taste. The chips and the coleslaw were also great. The only down side to the dish was that the fish tasted a bit fishy to me.

Halibut & chips with homemade coleslaw - $11.50

The really great thing about this place was its huge portions. My Mosley burger was an open burger with crisply fried bacons, a thick slice of cheese, onion, mustard, the beef patty itself and this yummy sweet pickle relish. The burger had with it a mound of chips and half a tomato and half a courgette. The portion was just wow! But everything was really delicious, I polished the plate clean. But what really won me over was that sweet pickle relish.

Mosley burger - $8.50

Mosley Street Grill on Urbanspoon
Mosley Street Grill

1238 Mosley Street
Wasaga Beach, ON
Open Monday-Thursday 8am-3pm, Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday-Sunday 7.30am-3pm

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