Sunday, November 14, 2010

cafe asia stir fried chicken with fresh mushroom

Cafe Asia, or Asian Cafe as we like to call it, is a frequent hang-out, mainly because my parents and sister like this place so much. Personally, I can't see why.

Last night we went there again, the restaurant was almost at full capacity with all kinds of Northbridge riff raff. There was a multicultural family at one table, a quintessential Italian nonna and nonno at another, and there were asian students all abounds.

That night I found out that the menu has changed. It was a long time coming, there was entirely too many dishes in their previous menu. The menu reminded me of an episode of Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares"; and Heston Blumenthal's "Big Chef Takes on Little Chef". It was a menu of a restaurant that was crying out for help. So I am glad that they revised it down and concentrated on a few dishes only.

Though I am not sure if it helped, if it did, only marginally. I found that their dishes were a bit on the salty side and full of MSG. I don't get why though, I mean their ingredients were fresh, the vegetables crunchy. It's not like they need to disguise any unsavouriness.

Stir fried chicken with fresh mushroom - $15.50

The only dish that I enjoyed that night was the chicken with fresh mushrooms. The mushrooms were fresh, the carrots and snow peas crunchy. All the other dishes were too salty for my palate. But again, it'll probably be just right if eaten with copious amounts of steamed rice.

Seafood mee goreng - $13

Fried hofan with chicken - $13

Stir fried sambal beef - $13.50

Stir fried bok choy - $11

Cafe Asia on Urbanspoon
Cafe Asia

43 Monger St
Perth WA
Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-10pm

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