Saturday, May 12, 2012

soda gembira

Happy soda (or soda gembira) is one of those drinks that is pure happiness.

It's a drink that invokes childhood memories, of learning how to swim in long hot summers, of barbecued buttered sweet corn, of any indonesian food loaded with super spicy chillies.

What could be a more perfect drink that embodies childhood happiness than this fluro pink fizzy drink. 100% sugar, 100% cheerfulness.

You can use any type of syrup, but traditionally happy soda is pink, and that means red syrup.

I have this lingonberry syrup from ikea and it is just the thing for it.

There's no right or wrong proportion when making happy soda, the perfect proportion is the one that taste of happiness to you.

Mine is 40mL white condensed milk, 20mL red lingonberry syrup, 300mL cold fizzy soda water for every glass.

Serve it just like that.

You can pop in a few ice cubes too, if you're so inclined.

Stir with your drinking straw when you can no longer contain your excitement. They should froth up as if to say "Happpyyyy......."

Nothing left to do now, but drink and be merry!

Soda Gembira
by cooking. eating. carousing.

Serves 1
(multiply the quantities with as many glasses as you'd like to make)

  • 20mL lingonberry syrup
  • 40mL condensed milk
  • 300mL soda water
  • ice cubes

  1. Pour the ingredients into a glass in layers. Condensed milk first, then syrup, then soda water. Add few ice cubes on top.
  2. Serve it unmixed with a drinking straw for stirring.


  1. Omy this definitely always make me very happy!! ♥

  2. Hi!

    I was googling Mak Beng and stumbled upon your blog:D
    I love soda gembira when I was a kid, but as I grow older.. I prefer it over ice. So basically you shave your ice, or perhaps pop em in a blender and give it some whirl. Put the ice in a bowl, pur some syrup and condensed milk. Perfect for a hot day!
    You can put some sliced fruits too. Amazing!

    1. Hi Amy, thank you for visiting my little blog. Your shaved ice idea is essentially "es puter", isn't it? Ah... they are certainly nice for a scorching hot day, especially with sweet jackfruit slices.


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