Sunday, June 17, 2012

swikee gris kodok goreng tepung

Kodok goreng tepung - Rp 19,000

Disclaimer: these are not fried chicken drumsticks.

But they do taste like fried chicken. I swear.

They are actually fried kermit. Ribbit ribbit!

And they're the specialty of this place Swikee Gris.

Swikee - Rp 30,000

Swikee Gris also serves frog legs in in the soup form.

Swikee tito - Rp 17,500

And, frog intestines in the soup form.

All very yummy. So yummy that I finished them all.

But, what I really miss is my grandmother's version. She used to make the greatest frog legs soup ever. She's probably cooking them right now, just for me, as I am saying this, up in heaven.

I miss you, grandma.

Swikee Purwodadi Gris
Ruko Villa Bukit Mas RO-20
Open Fri-Wed 10am-9pm, closed Thursdays

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