Thursday, March 18, 2010

robert et louise cote de boeuf pour deux

Escargots les 6 - €8

Another French thing to do is to eat the infamous snails, a.k.a. escargots, which we did get to eat at Robert et Louise in the Marais district. But that was not the reason why we came to this place, it was just a coincidence that they had it there. I came because Robert et Louise was highly recommended by Lonely Planet to be serving home-style, rustic French cuisine, which it most certainly did.

The restaurant was decorated in a traditional home country style, with a lot of knick-knacks and bric-à-brac here and there. The proprietor (which I assume was Monsieur Robert) sat at the bar, keeping track of the comings and goings of the guests. We almost didn't get to eat here because we got lost, as usual, trying to find this place plus we didn't make any reservation. Luckily, we beat the crowd and sat at the bar for dinner, but only just. Few people who came after us were turned away as there were no more seats left.

I have to warn you that you can eat here only if you are a healthy carnivore and proud of it. In every table, all I can see people order was meat, medium rare meat served on wooden carving plate. We followed and ordered the escargots les 6 (english: 6 snails) and the cote de boeuf pour deux (english: beef ribs for two).

They started us off with the snails, accompanied with bread. The snails were done to my liking, they were buttery soft, but a tiny bit too herby for my palate. We ate the bread with a lick of the snail butter, yumm!

Then came the ribs with a healthy side of roast potatoes. The meat was medium rare, eventhough I asked for medium well. I guess they were thinking what a waste it was to spoil all that lovely juices by cooking it medium well and I can't say I don't agree. As my husband and I were not used to eating rare meat, what we did was we cut of a bite-size piece of the meat, add a dollop of mustard on top, then downed it with the lovely roast potatoes. It was a mouthful, but it was such a tasty mouthful. It was a great night, all in all. I enjoyed the atmosphere immensely, the food was nothing short of great and the waitpersons were all very lovely (and they understood English!).

Cote de boeuf pour deux - €40

Robert et Louise
64 rue Vieille du Temple
3e arrondissement, Île-de-France
Open Monday-Tuesday 7.30pm-11pm, Wednesday-Sunday 11.30am-2.30pm & 7.30pm-11pm

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