Tuesday, April 13, 2010

charles inn dining room english style breakfast

The morning after our intimate civil ceremony, we had breakfast at the Charles Inn Dining Room. As a guest in the inn, we received the standard complimentary breakfast, which included bagels, cerals, etc. Every guests were also served a breakfast platter, which had yummy strawberry muesli yoghurt, cuts of cheeses, croissant & pain au chocolat, and smoked salmon with capers. All very yummy and got my taste buds going.

I was still hungry, as we didn't have a big dinner and didn't have lunch the day before. So, I ordered an english style breakfast, which had 2 sunny side ups, braised pork belly, house made sausage link, wild mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and toast. The pork belly was delicate, seasoned well, which went perfectly with the toast and mushrooms. Loved it! It's worth every single penny.

English style breakfast - $7.50

Charles Inn Dining Room on Urbanspoon
Charles Inn Dining Room
209 Queen St
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
Open 7 days for breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner until late

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