Thursday, June 6, 2013

coyotes, big man breakfast

Southwestern frittata - $12.95
I watch too many food shows: Masterchef, Masterchef the Professionals, Top Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown just to give you a few. As much as it is for frivolous enjoyment purposes, I like to think that there's a bit of educational aspect to it. For example, I learned in Kitchen Nightmares that Gordon Ramsay likes to swear, a lot. In Masterchef, that sometimes the story behind the food than the food itself will get you ahead. And in Top Chef I learned what cook-to-order means.

Most menu items in a restaurant are usually prepped and cooked before the restaurant opens for service, for example: the meat sauce of spaghetti bolognese, all stews and curries, the chicken and rice in hainanese chicken rice, sushi, etc etc. A lot of restaurants can exist on pre-prepared foods: sushi joints, indian takeaways, chinese takeaways.

The flip side are restaurants that do both cook-to-order and pre-prepared foods. Food that must be cooked to order include things like grilled fish, steaks, stir-fry dishes, etc. These types of restaurants would require a better time management skills than your nearest indian takeaway.

Good breakfast foods falls under this second category.

This morning we woke up refreshed from previous night's soak beneath the twinkling night sky. Although, hot springs must have magical powers that make you hungry all the time. We got ourselves clothed in no time and walked briskly towards the restaurants. Coyote's Deli & Grill caught our eyes.

We were seated at the bar and got stage-side seats where the action is. Breakfast hours were already under way and the cooks were busy pumping out food. We ordered and we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

When the meal did finally arrive, I demolished my southwestern frittata, composed of canadian back bacon, salsa fresca, and cheddar cheese, accompanied with oven roasted potatoes and toast.

Hubby ordered the mountain man breakfast: two eggs the way you like it, two wildberry buttermilk pancakes, canadian back bacon, and oven roasted potatoes.

Mountain man breakfast - $13.95
The meal was throughly delicious. But the wait was thoroughly unbearable. We were so hungry that we were just shovelling food into our mouths and hastily swallowing it, not so much savouring it.

Coyotes Southwestern Grill on Urbanspoon
Coyotes Southwestern Grill
206 Caribou st
Open 7 days 7.30am-10pm

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